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Hologram labels

Holographic security labels

Holographic security labels are an excellent anti-counterfeiting measure. They are produced as the permanent or the tamper-evident holographic labels.


Our holographic tamper-evident labels are pressure sensitive and adhere to all forms of products and packaging, but they are damaged in a case of detach attempt.

In the production of holographic labels, we offer many security elements, which make the extremely difficult to duplicate, and also allow the customer to easily verify a product's authenticity.


Among the consumers of the holographic labels are many reputable producers from the following production branches:

  • Food and drinks
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies
  • Production of spare parts for the airplanes and cars
  • Audio and video companies
  • Software publishers
  • Production of garment, footwear and sport equipment
  • Baby food and toys
  • Etc ...